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  • Had an amazing Italy trip with Wanderlust and more over, we made new friends!

    "Explore New City with New Friends." what... read more

    Peggy W. Avatar Peggy W.

    Friendly staff, well planned trips and great prices. Best way to travel and meet new people. Will Definitely go again...... read more

    Jordan K. Avatar Jordan K.

    My friend and I joined the Baltic Cruise in July and we came back with a whole lot of memories... read more

    Annika K. Avatar Annika K.
  • Fantastic guys i loved the "" SWISS TRIP "ROY "" 10* for you.


    #ZURICH🤗🤗... read more

    Nagarjuna N. Avatar Nagarjuna N.

    I just got back from Switzerland. We visited Lucern, Bern, and Interlaken with an optional excursion to the top of... read more

    Brian A. Avatar Brian A.

    I am an exchange student from the U.S. and have traveled with Wanderlust to Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic,... read more

    Rachelle G. Avatar Rachelle G.
  • The trip to Alps - Interlaken and Mont Blanc, was amazing!

    The place looks beautiful, covered in snow and you get... read more

    Anish K. Avatar Anish K.

    It was the best thing! Very well organised, made a lot of new friends and had a really great time!... read more

    Kaylee H. Avatar Kaylee H.

    I did the Baltic Cruise and it was AMAZING! Extremely well organized and lots of fun!!!

    Kayla M. Avatar Kayla M.
  • @shubham IS NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ya da bus ride sucked but hey life isn’t perfect :/// luckily i got to... read more

    Hayley S. Avatar Hayley S.

    The last weekend was amazing, great people and well organized trip. A BIG congrats to the entire team (that includes... read more

    Claudiu M. Avatar Claudiu M.

    I went for the Brussels to Bruges experience with Wanderlust. My first trip. I went solo but came back with... read more

    Nsamwa M. Avatar Nsamwa M.
  • Great trip to Switzerland! The optional trip to Jungfraujoch was once in a lifetime experience. Words are not enough to... read more

    Silvia N. Avatar Silvia N.

    My first trip with Wanderlust and hands down it was a great one.

    Being a solo (loner) traveller, I've enjoyed my... read more

    Debayani D. Avatar Debayani D.

    It’s cheap, efficient and well designed for students. You can enjoy a safe and comfortable trip with many interesting people.... read more

    Lide S. Avatar Lide S.
  • J.P. and Roy were aweasome! I went with them to Prague and i really enjoy it! 🙂 I meet new... read more

    Dana R. Avatar Dana R.

    Trip to Prague and Dresden - We had a really wonderful time with Wanderlust group. It was well organized with... read more

    Anusha E. Avatar Anusha E.

    Me and my friends have joined several trips with Wanderlust Student Trips. We went for day trips to Belgium with... read more

    Donny R. Avatar Donny R.
  • Me and 4 of my friends recently went on the Balkan roadtrip to Croatia and Slovenia. I just want to... read more

    Sana S. Avatar Sana S.

    The best organisation to go anywhere with! I loved every minute of it, and it was deffinitly stress free. Anastasia... read more

    Shannon M. Avatar Shannon M.

    Joined the Russia+Baltic cruise. The trip was well organized. Special mention to Anastasia for being extremely helpful. I could not... read more

    Peter F. Avatar Peter F.
  • I had exceptionally pleasant and memorable trip with wanderlust. It was lovely . Both our tour guide Nadia and Soumya... read more

    Midhun J. Avatar Midhun J.

    Great trip to paris... we had an incredible time!! And i wanted to also thanks you guys for helping me... read more

    María L. Avatar María L.

    Thank you Tim and Anastasia for organize such a good trip also thanks for Richeek to proper guide. Well done....... read more

    Anuruddha D. Avatar Anuruddha D.
  • The trip to Budapest was one of the best. The tour guides Marcel and Sidreh were both perfect and I... read more

    Amin M. Avatar Amin M.

    A BIG thank you to the Wanderlust team for an amazing trip to Italy! ❤

    You guys are awesome and are... read more

    Linzey M. Avatar Linzey M.
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