Trip Leader

Being a Wanderlust Trip Leader

you are from: Amsterdam/Berlin/Cologne/Groningen/Munich/Rotterdam/Utrecht and surroundings

Check out below what you you need to bring to join the team 🙂

  • What we expect:
    • you need to be very organized
    • being a student is mandatory
    • it is very important that you prepare yourself before the trip so that you know every detail about the trip itself and can provide other travelers with the schedule and basic information about what to visit, etc.
    • you are making sure everybody has a good time and no problems, if you see somebody needing help, that is where you need to be!
    • The trip leader is able to reschedule parts of the trip due to eventual problems such as traffic jams, etc.
    • you need to speak English fluently
    • staying with us for at least 1 year is also required
    • you also need to be able to lead a large group to new destinations
    • being a social person that likes to interact with people is mandatory
    • helping out promoting Wanderlust Trips on occasional events
    • you need to be highly responsible
    • of course, you need to love traveling!

  • What you can expect:
    • most important, you will be able to travel for free and meet amazing people on each journey
    • work with a highly motivated team
    • develop your own skills! Being a Wanderlust Team Leader teaches you a lot!
    • on Free travels basis!

  • Working Times:
    • 1-2 weekends per month as trip leader

Do you have any questions left?

Feel free to contact us! 🙂

Ready to apply?

Please send us your motivation letter in which you explain why you are the best candidate, why you would like to become a Wanderlust Trips trip leader and why you will be a committed member of the team and your CV to:

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