The wanderlust trips story

Founders’ Story

Hi! We are Anastasia and Tim

Our journey of starting up Wanderlust Trips began in 2014, during our Erasmus year in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In our host country, we met many interesting people and made amazing new friends who were also students like ourselves. Soon the group grew and our little family of international students decided to make full use of our Eramus year by traveling together across Europe.

Through extensive travels, and long hours of being on the road together, our bond as a group deepened. That was when the vision for Wanderlust Trips was born. We wanted to share the joy of travelling with new friends and give young travellers opportunities to meet new people while exploring new destinations.

With that spark of an idea, we started organising trips for fellow students on a low budget to experience Europe. With overwhelming response, these trips soon became popular and our team as well as our list of must-see cities expanded quickly.

We now have more than 2000 students and young expats joining our tours every semester! Every weekend, we would organise trips all across Europe, chartering a network of busses and continuously discover new destinations with all travel enthusiasts.

With departure points from Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium, we have made it very convenient for all our students and young professionals to go on trips around Europe. We are proud to say that we have maintained a budget-friendly way for students to travel around the continent. The best thing about Wanderlust Trips is that travellers do not have to worry about the hassle of planning a trip because we would take care of every detail. All you have to do is to choose the tour you want, make a reservation, show up and enjoy the trip!

As founders, both of us truly love exploring new places and meeting new people. Our Erasmus year was fulfilling, positive and life-changing and we wish to make a difference and give each of our travellers the same memorable experience.